Tune in to amazing free Stillpoint livestream training

Learn how to...

  • Activate sacred scalar energy along the spine

  • Unwind and activate organs

  • Unwind old injuries

  • glandular and how to unwind glands with the laser

  • Unwind adrenals with our unique unwind protocol

  • the cranial sacral system and how our unique  subtle scalar approach is designed to unwind and re-set the cranial sacral system

  • cellular energy and how to use different wavelengths of laser light to activate

  • clear and dissolve cell memory  

  • Unique approach to low level laser therapy  developed by cranial sacral

  • Easy approach how to drop in

  • Activate the envelope of energy around the body

  • Sacred scalar

    • What it is​

    • How it works

    • How to use the sacred scalarlaser to activate


We are...

  •  helping people to access Stillpoint and open up to their unique expression

  •  activating the subtle yogic condition

  •  supporting the flowering of consciousness on the planet as we enter the new season

  • The principles of their work, along with their unique practices and protocols for using Stillpoint in daily life, will be featured in the forthcoming book, Stillpoint Yogic Technology: Tune Your Life to the Subtle Planes of the Universe and Beyond.

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Success stories

Chaka Khan

Legendary Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, actor and activist

"Paul and Lillie are natural healers. That's a beautiful and rare thing to find. They have a true calling, which is to heal mankind. I got one of their very first lasers about ten years ago. At that time, I had several health issues, including vocal cord problems. If it hadn't been for my laser, there were many times when I wouldn't have been able to perform. I also had knee replacement surgery, and the laser helped immensely with swelling, pain, and cartilage re-growth. My doctor was very impressed with how quickly I healed. I was on the operating table one week, and the very next week I was traveling to Africa to do a show."

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"I sustained a ‘complex medial meniscus tear.’ That's when I got to try out the laser. Within a few weeks, there was a significant change, simply from using the "Unwind"protocol. Now I have no pain at all and was able to avoid surgery."

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Jennifer McLean

Founder of the international online teleseminar series “Healing With the Masters.”

"When I first experienced Scalar Wave energy, I was so impressed with how I felt … it just worked. Then, when I found an actual handheld laser that I could use directly on my personal physical challenges, I was THRILLED.


The payoff was when my chiropractor actually used this particular laser on me, I experienced IMMEDIATE results and just had to have my own.


On the first day I received the ScalarWave Laser, I had a very bad reaction to some food. What would normally take days and weeks to recover from actually took hours with this amazing device."

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Laser Owner Experiences

Listen to Light Healing Stories

Libbie H.

"As a practitioner, I see a variety of client issues. Some resolve or diminish over time, but others are much faster. My nextdoor neighbor hurt herself falling off a horse. For two weeks she resisted her husband’s suggestions that she try the laser since it had helped alleviate his own back pain. Finally, she could not believe that after one session her pain was completely gone and never came back!" 

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Shiva Rea

Globally renowned vinyasa yoga teacher and author of Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life.