Imagine having your very own easy-to-use

advanced healing device . . . every day,

exactly when you need it

Right now, you have an opportunity to completely change your life. 


The inspiring information contained here will show you how you can gently unwind tension, stress, physical ailments, and limiting cell memories that allow patterns of the past to keep repeating.


Learn about the cutting-edge, patented Sacred Scalar Lasers that give you the ability to transmute cell memories on a daily basis. Spending just a few relaxing moments each day applying the healing cold laser, you will be welcoming a pain-free experience of relief, rejuvenation, ease, and joy.


Imagine a life free from the restriction of pain, discomfort, dis-ease, and physical upset. Imagine receiving restorative scalar energy whenever and wherever you are - at home, at the office, or even while traveling.


Imagine healing faster than ever before while infusing your body with universal light (photons) and energy, erasing aches, pain, and dis-ease that may have been lingering for weeks, months, years ... even decades.


That is EXACTLY what’s possible for you, right now.

Cold Laser Therapy


Wellness Technology at the Leading Edge


The Sacred Scalar Laser is a remarkable anti-aging, pain management, and healing laser that works at the cellular level to donate photonic energy, while promoting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.


It gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension, and old holding patterns while clearing cellular memory to support perfect healing.


Cold Laser Therapy is the technology used in the Sacred Scalar Laser and it’s COMPLETELY revolutionizing the way we approach holistic health care, pain management, rehabilitation, anti-aging, skin and wound care, and systems balancing. Cold Laser Therapy, also called Cold Laser Light Therapy, is at the leading-edge of complementary health care, chiropractic, acupuncture, sports and veterinary medicine.


The Sacred Scalar Laser has Over-The-Counter FDA clearance to address the following:


  • Pain relief


  • Inflammation


  • Blood circulation


  • Arthritis


  • Joint stiffness


  • Promoting relaxation of muscle tissue



What Makes the Sacred Scalar Lasers Unique



The Sacred Scalar Laser incorporates a variety healing technologies into an ultra-portable healing device, enabling you to transform pain, stress, limiting emotions, and otherwise problematic cell memories.


  • Easy-to-Use


  • Over-the-Counter Clearance


  • 3 Wavelengths - Red, Infrared, and Violet


  • Unique Violet Laser for Anti-Aging


  • Special Patented Subtle Scalar Technology


  • Induces the Subtle Yogic State of Stillpoint

"Laser treatment speeds up cell repair and stimulates the immune,

lymphatic, and vascular systems.”


- Paul Sibert, M.D.,  Chief of Neurology at Jersey Shore University Medical Center

A Note to Practitioners and Seekers of Well-Being


The Sacred Scalar Laser is more advanced than any laser available today. It is a quantum healing laser like no other on the market. It is the perfect tool for individual users or seasoned practitioners alike who want to assist the largest range of conditions from addressing any soft or hard tissues situations in the body, to cleansing and detoxification, as well as subtle energetic healing...and so much more.



  • Provides Instant ATP (Cell Energy) to the Body


  • Pain Relief for the back, neck, shoulders, knees, legs, feet, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs, head, and hips


  • Stress Relief & Adrenal Decompression


  • Skin & Facial Rejuvenation


  • Anti-Aging & Cellular Regeneration


  • Systems Balancing


  • Energywork & Chakra Healing


  • Cleansing & Detoxification


  • Acupuncture and Acupressure Therapy - allows for easy and quick treatment of all the minor and major acupuncture points


  • Trigger Point & Myofascial Therapy


  • Cranial-Sacral Therapy


  • Cellular Healing on all Levels


  • DNA Activation


  • Yogic Practice & Nadi Activation


  • Glandular Unwinding & Activating DMT



The Sacred Scalar Laser is not intended to diagnose or treat. It is a approved as an Over-the-Counter medical device for pain relief, inflammation, circulation, arthritis, and relaxation of tissue. Lasers are also used for non-medical applications, such as cosmetic, veterinary, yogic, and energy wellness. Our approach is to unwind and allow the body to do what it is designed to do.

What a Naturopathic Doctor Says

About Cold Laser Healing



Jonathan Mather, ND on cold laser technology:


“Cold Laser Therapy has experienced dramatic and explosive growth over the last 40 years, becoming a leading non-invasive therapy. This is a highly effective and powerful healing technology used in tens of thousands of clinical settings throughout the world.


Uniquely suited to both clinical and individual usage, handheld lasers are an essential therapeutic mainstay over a broad spectrum of treatment applications. Medical specialties including Sports Medicine, Traumatology, Orthopedics, Dental Medicine, Urology, Gynecology, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture & Veterinary Medicine have all developed highly specialized and unique protocols to utilize cold lasers’ unique applications.


Almost all professional sports organizations are now using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), many of them extensively. In the US, at the professional level, every sport across the board has incorporated handheld lasers, both as a tremendously effective tool for reducing severity of injuries and greatly speeding recovery, and in a preventative and performance enhancing capacity.”



Watch Shiva Rea talk about her ScalarWave Laser

Shiva Rea


Globally renowned vinyasa yoga teacher and author of Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life

Subtle Laser Induces Sacred Scalar Energy


The Sacred Scalar Laser is the only laser that has a patented digital processing technology to gently induce subtle scalar waves. This is done by digitally weaving and dissolving laser circuits into subtle scalar waves.

The benefit of doing this is that scalar waves are neutral, non-linear waves that dissolve and clear cell memory, stress, tension, and dis-ease, and also opens up the subtle scalar energy of the universe.

Examples of scalar energy are intimately woven in our lives and are all around us - DNA, the ancient alchemy medical symbol, and the nadis or the sacred energy currents along the spine.




Whenever these waves come together they collapse or dissolve, and the dissolution opens into another dimension or plane of energy. It is this opening that clears cell memory, like magnetically erasing information from a cassette tape (remember those?), where you reverse the polarity to delete the recorded information.


Likewise, our unique approach to inducing sacred scalar waves also unwinds anything (the cell memory of old injuries, emotions, etc.)  "recorded" in the body - anything held in the tissue, muscles, organs, glands, chakras, the cranial system, etc.


Scalarwave technology does this by inducing the bodies own wave structure to unwind, dissolve, and reset into Stillpoint, which is the body's own scalar or yogic state (more on Stillpoint below).


At its essence, scalar is the same as prana, chi, or universal energy.


Key Benefits of Scalar Waves:


  • Eliminates and nullifies the effects of man-made frequencies in the human body (cell phones, computers, WiFi, microwaves, and other sources).


  • Increases the energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70-90 millivolt range.


  • Improves immune function by as much as 149% as proven in laboratory studies.


  • Cleanses the blood, improving triglyceride levels, as well as protein and fat particles floating in the blood.


  • Improves cell wall permeability thus facilitating the intake of nutrients into each and every cell and the elimination of waste from each and every cell.


  • Decreases the surface tension of substances such as food, water, and supplements, thus enhancing the body's ability to assimilate and hydrate.


  • Inhibits the uptake of noradrenaline to support better mood.


  • Balances the hemispheres of the brain as measured by EEG tests.


  • Improves focus as demonstrated by increased amplitude of EEG frequencies.


  • Catalyzes heightened states of awareness and creativity.

Watch Chaka Khan talk about her ScalarWave Laser

Chaka Kahn


Legendary Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, actor, and activist

The ScalarWave Laser Is FDA CLEARED


With FDA Over-The-Counter (OTC) Clearance, ScalarWave Lasers are made for personal use for pain relief, inflammation, circulation, arthritis, and relaxation of tissue.


To receive OTC Clearance, each Sacred Scalar Laser has undergone extensive studies done by third-party labs—usability studies, safety studies, and laser safety studies.

Jennifer McLean


Internationally acclaimed author, healer, and creator of The Body Dialog system of healing, Jennifer is the founder of the international online teleseminar series “Healing With the Masters.”

Healer Jennifer McLean's extraordinary experience with her own ScalarWave laser

"When I first experienced Scalar Wave energy, I was so impressed with how I felt … it just worked. Then, when I found an actual handheld laser that I could use directly on my personal physical challenges, I was THRILLED.


The payoff was when my chiropractor actually used this particular laser on me, I experienced IMMEDIATE results and just had to have my own.


On the first day I received the ScalarWave Laser, I had a very bad reaction to some food. What would normally take days and weeks to recover from actually took hours with this amazing device."


Arriving and Resting In the Subtle Essence State



Sacred Scalar Laser inventors Paul and Lillie Weisbart are also the developers of The Stillpoint Process – a revolutionary approach to utilizing subtle yogic technology and sacred scalar energy in daily life.


Relaxing and cultivating the neutral essence state of Stillpoint allows us to clear and delete pain, injuries, cell memories, and any challenging and limiting beliefs, programs, and patterns...whenever we want.


In other words, one of the great benefits of Stillpoint is being at ease.



Stillpoint, Nitric Oxide & Lasers


Studies of yogis who regularly access the state of Stillpoint have found that they have much higher levels of nitric oxide in their bodies. In 1998, the Nobel Prize was awarded to three scientists for their breakthrough discoveries in the crucial role that nitric oxide plays in the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Nitric oxide has been called a miracle molecule as it...


  • vasodilates the entire body and circulatory system

  • activates neurotransmitters, like serotonin, dopamine, endorphins for pain relief

  • enhances the immune system and increases white blood cells

  • key for anti-aging, stem cells, telomeres, and sirtuin

  • induces yogic glands and subtle compound like oxytocin, PEA, and DMT

  • activates a sense of euphoria and bliss, as nitric oxide is a close relative to nitrous oxide (laughing gas)


Like oxygen, nitric oxide abounds in our atmosphere. The more relaxed and at ease we are, the more our cells fill up with this amazing molecule. Resting in the subtle yogic state of Stillpoint induces nitric oxide. And new studies have found that lasers also significantly increases nitric oxide at the cellular level. The Sacred Scalar Laser uses specific wavelengths to increase nitric oxide and Stillpoint inducing technology. 

Relaxing and Unwinding at the Cellular Level


The impact of Cold Laser Therapy with the Sacred Scalar Laser can be clearly seen in the following photos of an individual who received treatments. These are actual photographs of an individual’s blood that was photographed with a special high-powered microscope both before and after cold laser treatments.

Deep Rejuvenation


See how these wilting roses jumped back to life after less than two hours of Sacred Scalar Laser treatment ... and imagine what it will do for the cells of YOUR body.


9:43 AM

11:20 AM

Healing Stories From Other ScalarWave Laser Customers

"I have a friend who tried our laser while visiting us. He had an old sports injury that had caused him pain daily for 20 years. After one hour on the laser he has been pain-free."   -Barbara F.

"I was in an automobile accident a few months ago and was prescribed medication for the inflammation and pain by a doctor. The medication gave me very bad side effects and was not effective. A friend loaned me her scaler wave laser for 2 days, and I had such wonderful relief that I had to order my own. I have used it every day since I received it, I and truly love my laser!"   -Victoria M.

"A woman came to see me with severe pain and physical limitation. She is on disability from a career in journalism because she has been unable to write, use the computer, or travel for several years. After a one-hour session, she was able to move her frozen shoulder for the first time in years. Her pain has improved from 8 out of 10 to a 2. She has not used any pain medication since, and is now full of life after two weeks."  -Valentina K.

"While caring for my beautiful mother in the last months of her life, I developed a heel spur. I suffered with this terribly painful condition for 5 long months. Shortly after receiving my laser in November ’09, it took only 3 sessions on the heel area and the condition has totally disappeared! My experience with the laser continues to be a journey towards rejuvenation and regeneration that has me very excited! The Scalar Wave Laser is an empowering tool that allows the body to “unwind,” delete stress, receive energy for repair and to reach the blissful state of 'Still Point.' Let There Be Light!"   -Cindy R.

Handmade and Tuned in Vermont


All Sacred Scalar Lasers are handmade and fine-tuned in our barn-like building in Vermont.

This facility is a state-of-the-art ISO-13485 or medical device quality certified facility.

ScalarWaver Lasers, Probes & QiFi Purifier a glance

Sacred Scalar Laser

The Sacred Scalar Laser (also known as the ScalarWave Laser) is our main cold laser model. It features 16 5-mw laser diodes in 650 nm or red spectrum and in the 780 nm or infra-red spectrum, as well as unique violet LED’s with high powered narrow beam width to help soften the light.


Using our revolutionary patented scalarwave technology, the ScalarWave Laser is portable and easy to use.


The main ScalarWave Laser can be used in conjunction with the 3 optional laser probes described to the right.


The ScalarWave Laser has the capacity to help with:


  • Pain Relief for the back, neck, shoulders, knees, legs, feet, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs, head and hips

  • Stress Relief & Adrenal Rejuvenation

  • Skin Rejuvenation

  • Anti-Aging & Cellular Regeneration

  • Systems Balancing

  • Acupuncture and Acupressure Therapy - allows for easy and quick treatment of all the minor and major acupuncture points

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Provides instant ATP to cells


The Red Probe

This unique Pulsar Laser Probe comes with higher powered 100mW cold laser diode that is rare in the industry for red lasers, which typically only have 5mW-30mW of power.


All Pulsar Probes have violet crystal technology built into them and are enhanced with patented scalar wave technology.


The Red 650 nm probe is for:


  • Surface cells

  • Soft tissues

  • Muscles

  • Gums

  • Wrinkles

  • Wounds

  • Nerves

  • Meridians

  • Burns

  • Skin blemishes

  • Inflammation

  • Alleviating pain

  • Supporting skin care

The Infrared Probe

This unique Pulsar Laser Probe comes with a higher powered 100mW cold laser diode in the deeper penetrating 780 nm, Infra Red (IR) wavelength.


This Infrared Probe helps specifically with:


  • Pain

  • Musculoskeletal System

  • Hard Tissue

  • Bones

  • Teeth

  • Tendons

  • Ligaments

The Violet Probe

The new Violet 405 nm probe (Viowave probe) carries far more information than other wavelengths and takes healing lasers to the next level of quantum therapeutic wellness. This is the first 100mW violet laser of its kind. There is no comparison. 


Research has shown that the violet laser spectrum is particularly effective at inducing key enzymes within the cells, such as the telomerase enzyme to grow and lengthen, and in activating the DNA sequencing for anti-aging and rejuvenation.  The Blue Violet probe is a shorter wave length than the red and infra red and is designed to reach more surface and subtle areas of the body:

Soft Tissues
Subtle Anatomy

There is a growing field of exciting research around this spectrum of laser and

•Pain Relief
•Skin and Beauty
•Subtle Yogic Enhancement
 DNA/Stem Cell Research
 Genome Research


  • Anti-Aging

  • Pain Relief

  • Skin and Beauty

  • Subtle Yogic Enhancement DNA/Stem Cell Research, Genome Research

The Lotus

All-Violet Laser for Subtle Energy Balancing & Extraordinary Healing


Similar in design to the main ScalarWave Laser unit, the Lotus Laser is the first of its kind all-violet, digital, hand-held, portable laser for anti-aging, rejuvenation, skin care, and pain relief.


Violet laser light is highly compatible with subtle energy healing and vibrational medicine methods, such as sound therapy, color therapy, chakra balancing, acupuncture and acupressure, and many others.


The Lotus Laser is a landmark laser unlike any that has ever come before it—a quantum therapeutic healing device. It features 16 true violet laser diodes and 20 super violet LEDs, all of which emit therapeutic violet wavelength energy in the violet spectrum.


R&D Research shows that the violet wavelength has special properties that are being used to:



  • Supports DNA


  • Increases length of telomeres


  • Supports stem cells

  • Balances subtle energy, positively affecting everything from the emotions to enzyme functions to the energy fields surrounding the body, and more

The QiFi Purifier

Bring Profound Well-Being and Euphoria to Your Home or Workplace


QiFi stands for QuantumField Inducer. The QiFi Purifier represents a revolution in crystal tuning and scalar technology designed to create well-being through the fine-tuning of the quantumfield.


The QiFi is a scalar wave emitter that is perfect for the home, offices, clinics, waiting rooms, hospitals, conference halls, hotel rooms, airports, and many other spaces. It provides enhanced EMF Cancelling Technology for healthier and more harmonious environments.


This technology uses crystal oscillators along with proprietary scalarwave technology to gently induce scalar fields. The QiFi is designed to dissolve linear waves coming from wifi, cell phone towers, EMFs from power lines and meters, and any other polarizing sources.

It is not designed to negate these other waves; rather, it filters and neutralizes them by inducing a non-linear or scalar wave field. This scalar field also helps to unwind and induce those in this field into Stillpoint. When people are unwound and in the neutral state of Stillpoint, they are much less likely to be as affected by these harsh waves or to be stressed out.


With 6 pre-programmed settings built in to the QiFi, this scalar effect through crystal technology can induce a profound sense of well-being, neutrality, and euphoria. In other words, it induces Stillpoint.


for more information or to place an order








OPTION 7 - Professional Pack

2x Scalarwave Laser


Infrared Probe

Blue Violet Probe

FREE Lotus Laser




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Money Back Quarantee


Due to medical device hygiene regulations, our lasers carry a 3-day money back return policy after you receive the laser.


Your satisfaction is SO important to us, yet global health regulations and hygiene policies prevent us from accepting back any of our wellness device products once they have been used on the body.


More Healing Stories From ScalarWave Laser Customers

"As a practitioner, I see a variety of client issues. Some resolve or diminish over time, but others are much faster. My nextdoor neighbor hurt herself falling off a horse. For two weeks she resisted her husband’s suggestions that she try the laser since it had helped alleviate his own back pain. Finally, she could not believe that after one session her pain was completely gone and never came back!"  - Libbie H.

"The very first day I received my laser, I happened to be visiting with a friend who had broken his arm and sprained his wrist. He had his arm suspended and had been taking medications for pain for over a month. He still had inflammation and the healing process was very slow. I tried the laser on his arm, and within about eight minutes he felt such relief from the pain that he didn’t need to take his medications for a few days. He now keeps begging me to use the laser for all sorts of problems."   - Meredith R.

"The laser has had an amazing result on my toe, which was infected by a rusted nail. Last July, my doctor wanted to amputate my toe. I told him no, saying that the laser would heal the wound. He was very upset with me. I told him it is my body and to leave me with it - I will take care. Now it is healed. My doctor was amazed, as were my own patients."   - Dr. C.B., Canada

A Message from

Paul and Lillie Weisbart

Inventors of the ScalarWave Laser

Paul & Lillie

We welcome you to our Stillpoint Community. Sign up for our newsletter where we will keep you informed of ongoing free teleseminars, live retreats, and our forthcoming books and digital trainings – all designed to introduce Stillpoint.


Our forthcoming Stillpoint Facilitatior and Stillpoint Yogi Accreditation trainings will also cover a wealth of specific protocols for using the ScalarWave Laser and probes. In all, our ScalarWave and Stillpoint Technologies are a subtle yogic approach to well-being.